Sunday, March 8, 2009

Meet The Press TEN 8/3/09 8am. (Update)

Mum phoned yesterday and told me that I must watch Meet The Press today.

She couldn't remember who was on it, but she said it looked good.

So... there you go.

I can't find out who is on the programme, but you read the transcripts if you miss it here.

Bob Beige.
Australia's not in a recession, we're in "reverse", we have to treat it like a recession, look after people's jobs, look after workers... and he wants a severe ETS. Jobs, jobs, jobs, important to keep jobs. Work green, keep things healthy, stop pollution (gotta be CO2 pollution he's banging on about).
Oh, this is a gem. Parental leave. Finance it by imposing the higher taxes on higher earners. Now there's an incentive.

Alison Carbine is asking Beige questions.

Brown says TC Hamish, bushfires in Vic, drought in Aus, Barrier Reef threat is all AGW. I can't watch this shit any more, honestly.

I reckon that the transcript will be interesting, because you don't have to listen to the idiot drone on.

Oh Lord.
Bob Brown suggests that Australia can be a leader in the world by ensuring all Australian homes have solar power and solar hot water (because hot water is what's destroing the world with 29% of the GHG output), and Australia can manufacture the insulation and the solar systems and there'll be a huge export market there for Australia to the world... (ha, we can profit from this lie!) We can be green. Manufacture green. Supply green technology (he didn't say technology, he used solar as his product).

Bob Brown has illusions of grandeur. Or is that delusions?

Bob Brown. Absolutely. Fucking. Positively. Clueless.

Ron Boswell next.


Steve at the Pub said...

And it is the first time Ron Boswell has made sense!

kae said...

LOL Steve
I thought it was the sound problems.
He danced around the ETS & AGW questions well.

Watching Insiders now.