Sunday, March 8, 2009

Insiders 8/3/09

Sorry, I missed the start. Leon watched the programme.

Andrew Bolt

Kerry-Anne Walsh

Denis Atkins

Queensland Election next. Goodie.

Metaphors - Rudd, the current crisis is a cyclone. Turnbull, Rudd's exaggerating.

Comment on the GG. ... Sit down. Shut up.

Talking pictures. WOOT! No cartoons?
Bob Beige talks about his photos which he is exhibiting and selling 'cos he lost the court case in Tassie and has to pay a small fortune...

Pauline Hansen's anger at being asked the same old questions. Footage shown.
I believe, with Andrew Bolt, that she is being treated differently to other politicians.
I also think that Kerry-Anne is right, that she's a politician only around election time - however, it still goes back to Hansen's different treatment by the media. If Pauline did do any campaigning outside election time would the media cover it?

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stackja1945 said...

Labor media attacks PH. I am shocked!! But not Kev's CEO.