Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Not Pauline (video)

I don't believe it's Pauline.

The nose is wrong.

It may be a photoshopped picture as described in a Bolt thread on the Pauline photos by a commenter.


stackja1945 said...


'Jack Johnson' admits to 'hazy' memory.

So lets forget him too.

Anonymous said...

One article this morning quotes the paper saying it employed IT experts to guarantee the pics had not been photoshopped prior to publishing them.

But to me one of the pics looks like the head has been emulsion stripped. (using the old technology term). Mehaul.

kae said...

The bolt link.
Page one Iain Hall has a link to his site and the post there with the Johnson snap and a recent one of Pauline.
Page 2 I think has another commenter who says that he compared them and said they are not the same person.
Another looked at the photo and noticed that it had been photoshopped, someone else said that it looked like a recent picture of Pauline had been reverse aged to become the one in the Johnson snap.

Someone's lying, and I don't think it's Pauline.

Anonymous said...

probably a little OT, but we met Pauline when she was campaigning here some time ago and we had a fairly long discussion with her, so I could form a reasonable opinion.

It's amazing how easy it is for the media to pick out all the negatives about someone and portray them as a bumbling fools.

I found her quite intelligent and well spoken in private, but the lack of education and self confidence, combined with the selection of the wrong people around her probably contributed to her less than flattering public image.

Of course I can't speak of her latest adventures in politics, maybe the grossly unfair treatment and jailing of her, made her cynical and mercenary.
Quite frankly I can't blame her, specially seeing how the current pigs at the trough behave!


TW mines, no expl. needed

Egg said...

All the best to her in her campaign, the muck-raking may actually assist her to get publicity ...

Skeeter said...

Saw a glimpse of something on the teeve last night (I think it was a promo for an upcoming Ch 9 show) where they have accepted that the woman in the photos was not Pauline. The TV program promised to reveal the true identity of the nude lady in the pictures.
Before forming an opinion on Pauline's intelligence and her alleged racism, it is important to read all 4 pages of her first speech in Hansard, (pages 47 - 50).
That speech has been cherry-picked to death, but gives a different impression when read as a whole.
It scared the bejazus out of the PC multiculturists and they had no option but to destroy her.
She was so obviously in tune with what a majority of Australians were thinking in 1996.

kae said...

I know someone who met her in his local outback Aus cafe (north of Roma).
He said he recognised her, she was on her way to the far north a few years ago and had stopped for refreshments.
He bought her a coffee. He said she was quite nice and interesting to speak with, not at all like the nong that was portrayed in the press.

Egg said...

'He said she was quite nice and interesting to speak with, not at all like the nong that was portrayed in the press.'

As opposed to Max McWho?