Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Anna's determined to build Queensland's future... keep Queensland strong

Yes. Strongly in debt.

It is my fervent wish that the ALP not get in again.

I hope that there is not a hung parliament with independents having a stronger say than they should with their one-policy dealing to let the ALP get what they want.... a bit like the alcopops tax in the Senate and the disproportionate say and control that Harradine and Brown and others have had.

The ALP "dirty tricks" advertisements aren't doing them any favours. The smearing of Clive Palmer and his connection with the LNP by Bligh and Fraser was a low blow. The ALP should really be looking inwards for shonky business and things which are not above board, or barely above board. How many millions are the Unions providing in advertising and other services to the ALP? The union advertisements are below the belt too, and in many cases untrue.


Egg said...

'Strongly in debt.'

The cost of Bligh's bounty?

Egg said...

What is it with her body language - her hand clasping looks like she's trying to strangle an ananconda?

kae said...

Yeah, it looks contrived.
"Gotta do something with your hands..."

Um, she might be praying to the anaconda god to strangle the opposition?

kae said...

Blighs plunder more like it.

Sheesh, the bloody advert is on again.

Although she can't be blamed for the whole mess, Power Point Pete, the grinning imbecile who cut and run about the same time as Iemma and the Victorian one (I'd love to be enlightened by someone as to the scandals which caused their departures), had quite an input into the plundering.