Thursday, March 5, 2009

Once upon a time...

I was in the Army Reserve.

1976, 77 and 78 to be precise.

I wonder what these fellows are doing these days? Some were Vietnam vets. I know that some may not be with us any more, it was over 30 years ago.


Gibbo said...

I was also a reservist around about 1980. 1/15th RNSWL

I learnt how to drink coffee and beer to excess! They were good times.

Boy on a bike said...

I learnt how to eat jam out of a tube, and to enjoy it.

kae said...

Hi Gibbo
My B/F at the time was with Parramatta Lancers.

The good old days!

Jim Clarke said...

Kae, there are a number of military associations around the place. (I am a member of one of them) Your unit may have it's own.
Alternatively Friends reunited has a list of units and the members of them that want to be known.
I got in contact with a couple of mates that I hadn't seen for over 30 years.

kae said...

Hi Jim
I'm already registered on Friends Reunited. I've had a couple of people contact me from the ARES - I thought about organising a reunion.

Bruce said...

Is that Greenbank?

Regular weekend getaway for me since 1977

kae said...

Hi Bruce.

Bivouacs over weekends were out the back of Ingleburn or somewhere... I don't recall! Green Hills, that's what it was called. Green Hills.

This was AFX77 at Singleton, it was the first AFX there. That was my recruit course (or it may have been AFX78, when I was out in the field, Hill 118 I believe?). We had some nitwit on a pushbike ride across the range, range flag up and all!

Jim Clarke said...

My regiment is having it's 40th birthday this year, complete with right of entry to all ex-members.
Piss heads, one and all.

kae said...

The best part of Tuesday nights was getting out of the place (Merrylands) very late usually, and going to Parramatta to Eagle One, a disco/night club, free entry to uniforms.

It was great.