Thursday, March 5, 2009

Woman survives death adder "attack"

Barely made the news.

Though I did hear it described on the TV news as an "attack".

Snakes don't necessarily attack. It's a bit like saying that a bluebottle sting is an attack.

In other stupid things heard on the radio/TV recently, I always thought that something coming out of an egg hatched. No. Not with some people they are born. Yes. I know. Amazing.

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Anonymous said...

Growing up in Mackay we were always told not to walk on the railway tracks as the short fat adders liked to lie on the gravel between the wood spacings and the metal rails.

There were several instances when attacks occurred and our parents reminded us 'I told you so'.

This woman was bitten at 8pm, so I assume that she upset the snake who took a chomp in the dark. Mehaul.