Sunday, March 22, 2009

Pauline pix apologies from papers

Daily Telegraph editorial apology.

LAST weekend, this newspaper published pictures we believed were of Pauline Hanson. Many people across the nation have had a say.

The pictures have also prompted a strong reaction from you, the readers.

The central purpose of The Sunday Telegraph is to serve our readers and the paper acknowledges many of you believe the paper overstepped the mark.

We received phone calls, letters and emails saying that, whether or not it was Pauline Hanson in the pictures, they should not have been published.
And then it turned to justification of publishing the pictures. I think that's wrong.

Sunday Herald Sun

TODAY the Sunday Herald Sun unequivocally apologises to Pauline Hanson. We acknowledge Ms Hanson was right all along - and we were wrong.

The pictures the Sunday Herald Sun and four other News Ltd Sunday newspapers across Australia published were not of her.

We accept our decision to publish the pictures has caused Ms Hanson and her family hurt and embarrassment.

Last night, fresh questions emerged about the credibility of Jack Johnson, the man who sold the pictures claiming they were of Ms Hanson.
Although Andrew Bolt is right that any pictures should not have been published at all.

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stackja1945 said...

This News Ltd hoax reminds me of
As song goes Won't Get Fooled Again performed by The Who.
Labor media get fooled by many hoaxes, Evatt, Whitlam, Goss, Rudd, now Bligh ... Ad nauseam