Sunday, March 22, 2009

ABC Insiders today 22/3/09

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About the Queensland election....
Anna Bligh is a woman. Big deal. It doesn't make her competent.

Jessica Van Vonderen, ABC politcal reporter gives a rundown on the Qld election.

The panellists:
Lenore Taylor, The Australian
Brian Toohey, Financial Review
Piers Akerman, Daily Telegraph

Chris Uhlmann from Canberra about Federal politics.

Piers pointed out that the government is inconsistent... The $42B stimulus package is spent, Rudd says how important the statistics are to keep track of what's going on, and they're cutting funding to the ABS and cutting staff.

Malcolm interviewed about the defeat of the LNP in Qld...

Comments of the week in Parliament were good.
The treasurer is to economics as the prime minister is to public speaking. (Turnbull)
There were a few good ones.

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