Tuesday, March 3, 2009

smokers in health industry likened paedophiles in childcare industry

I'm sure this says more about the proponent of it than about those "addicted" to nicotine.

Certainly, it's very much frowned upon for people in the health industry to have illegal addictions, but smoking was not illegal last I heard.... and besides, the government makes a motza from smokers. (Yeah, yeah, yeah, and smokers get sick and use up the motza, but hey! It ALL goes into consolidated revenue to be used as desired by the governmnet, I don't see them putting that money into health, do you?)

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kc said...

Kae - I heard that one state north of here (Virginia?) has raised the price of a speeding ticket because so many people have quit smoking that the revenue they got for punishing smokers, which was to be used "to fund healthcare for the children" has declined significantly. Cigarette taxes may be high, but it's hard to beat a THOUSAND DOLLAR speeding ticket (around 57 in a 40, iirc)for quick funds!

Anti-smoking zealots are getting what THEY wanted, but the governments counted on people continuing to smoke!