Tuesday, March 3, 2009

ABC AM today 3/3/09

Here soon.

Of interest:

  • Scottish government to ban discounts on liquor due to Scotland's leading the world in alcoholism. (Yeah, and taxing it really stopped the binge drinking amongst Aussie youths, didn't it?)
    Hoots, man, that goes against the grain!
  • Retirees who have been badly affected by the GFC want to return to work to top up their super funds, but many can not because they have let their registration lapse (professionals like chemists, doctors, etc.).
  • Victorians battening the hatches (?) in the face of another extreme fire danger day. Fires are still burning there from the Black Saturday blazes on February 7.
  • A uniform emergency fire message test was held yesterday. It was a text message. Unfortunately some Tasmanians received the message. It's a great idea and they will be looking at adopting a system which is more specific in who it warns. (They need to send it to residents who live in an area so that they know there is danger even if they aren't there (via mobile and land phone), and they need to send it to everyone in the area via mobile... although there are still people who do not have mobile phones (and computers, etc.).
  • Study of Asthma in Glasgow, Scotland.... a connection... with watching TV? Oh, sedentry behaviour. Um. Haven't many of our best swimmers taken up swimming to help them with their asthma? Just sayin'...

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