Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Queensland State Election II

Anyone else thoroughly annoyed by the ALP's advert which has Obama, Brown and Rudd blabbing about how bad the financial crisis is. Then Springborg saying that the financial crisis is not the things that Obama and Brown have said it is.

Brown and Obama exaggerate. Kevin's just clueless.

The world is not the same place as it was during the depression, there are many people who will not lose their jobs, people are financially better off than they were.

The economic situation is not good at all, but Australia is in a very good position, much better than the US or the UK, to ride the storm out.

I heard a programme on the radio thisafternoon, a young fellow had returned from Japan, he said that two cups of coffee were $28. He also said that Japan was in a depression. I just googled Japan depression (news) and found this.


Anonymous said...

They guy in Japan and his $28 cups of coffee must have bought blind. I was there last year and contrary to the views that Japan is expensive, we found it very much the opposite. Unless things have changed dramatically I can't imagine his story being reflective of the bigger picture. In Kyoto at a smart coffee shop the Madam and I had a western breakfast with unlimited coffee for around $A9 per head. Mehaul.

Skeeter said...

Agreed Mehaul. It's nearly thirty years since I last visited Japan, but there was always a large range of the prices that you could pay for refreshment. Very cheap if you got it out of a vending machine or very expensive if it was handed to you in a fine porcelain cup by a kneeling Geisha. There was plenty of choice between those two extremes.
We could never afford to eat in the hotels where we stayed, but could always find something affordable within a block of the hotel.
Impoverished newbies should avoid the Ginza, or any bars where you are led into them by a Japanese gentleman in a suit.