Friday, March 6, 2009

ABC Evenings talking about UN/muslim resolution to proscribe criticism of islam

Tonight it's about the UN's bid to make it a binding resolution that religion not be criticised.

Here. Now.

The justification is because, wait for it, the criticism of islam has led to violence against muslims.

Amazing. I've found the majority of violence against muslims the world over is by muslims.

Read some of these articles I've goo, goo, goo'd .

This is the article by Christopher Hitchens in EuropeNews.

The Muslim religion makes unusually large claims for itself. All religions do this, of course, in that they claim to know and to be able to interpret the wishes of a supreme being. But Islam affirms itself as the last and final revelation of God’s word, the consummation of all the mere glimpses of the truth vouchsafed to all the foregoing faiths, available by way of the unimprovable, immaculate text of “the recitation,” or Quran.

If there sometimes seems to be something implicitly absolutist or even totalitarian in such a claim, it may result not from a fundamentalist reading of the holy book but from the religion itself. And it is the so-called mainstream Muslims, grouped in the Organization of the Islamic Conference, who are now demanding through the agency of the United Nations that Islam not only be allowed to make absolutist claims but that it also be officially shielded from any criticism of itself.


Skeeter said...

Obviously these EU guidelines drawn up in 2007 to avoid offending the Presbyterians have not been working.
Saw something else about a week ago where UK authorities have agreed not to call it "terrorism", which the Presbyterians consider offensive to Presbyterianism.
Instead, acts of terrorism must be described as "acts offensive to Presbyterians".
Well, something like that. I can't find a link.

wv: aitivera: Aloe's sister.

kae said...

These ignorant asses were walking toward me.