Friday, March 6, 2009

Stuff that annoys me

1. Students/people who when walking the pathways at work are three and four abreast and who will not step aside for me. I'm not sure what the culturally correct thing to do is, but I swear, next time I'll.... give them a lesson in cultural-bloody-awareness.

2. Crap. What was two again? Oh yeah, I remember. Word Press. Can't log in to comment on sites with login - bloody annoying. I don't want to reset my password. Bloody WP!

3. Tailgaters. Someone should slap them upside the head to get it through their thick skulls that the car in front of them can't go any faster than the car in front of it... no matter how close you get and try to intimidate them to go faster.


Anonymous said...

I have suffered the ignorance of young to youngish people who walk 4 wide on a footpath without any consideration for those behind. If you use the kitchen term 'behind you', forcibly, that is used to inform kitchen associates that someone is moving quickly with a dangerous substance, you'll find that you have their attention. After that it becomes a game. All the best with 'behind you'. Mehaul.

Boy on a bike said...

1. I let them walk into me. I am bigger than most of them, and they tend to bounce off if I am prepared for the hit. They get annoyed and give me dirty looks, but hey, they should watch where they are going.

3. I have a 4WD with a big towball. I want to put a programmable sign in the back window where I can send tailgaters messages, like "my towball - your radiator. Back off". On a previous car, I had a rear mounted spotlight connected to a switch under the dash (for night reversing). They'd back off quickly when I gave them bright lights, even in daylight.

mythusmage said...

The next time your browser asks you if you'd like to remember this sign-in, say yes. Either that, or write down your password somewhere and keep it close at hand.

kae said...

mythus, I have a little book... it has all my passwords in it, when I change them (when I have to), or when I need one for somewhere, I write the info down.

It's not working.

I'm not happy about it, either!