Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Victims - they're everywhere - Update

'All my life we've been persecuted and treated like freaks. We haven't done anything to anyone, but everyone is against us...'

Read it.

Words fail I'm afraid.

(thanks to Pogs)

Update: Hey! I have a cunning plan. The perfect job for these people... Safety Bollards! Instead of those nasty metal ones that kill people.


Anonymous said...

"Some days I barely eat at all"
Surely they jest?
The mind boggles.


kc said...

D on't
E ven
N otice
A m
L ying

Boy on a bike said...

And people wonder why I ride 100 miles a week.....

If we cut off their dole and they starved, all their problems would eventually go away. Either they'd get skinny enough to work, or they'd die.


RebeccaH said...

These people are a waste. Even if they don't eat extravagant meals (which I find hard to believe), the fact that they never move off their chairs is enough. And how convenient that nothing... ever... is their fault. Losers with a mile-high "L".