Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Floyd at the vet's - update

I decided after yesterday's second tumble to take Floyd to the vet, just for a checkup to make sure that all is well - he's only a puppy, after all.

It seems that puppies can "over-do" it. And that looks to be what Floyd the Flyer has done.

I'm thinking about setting up a donations bank for Floyd here, to help pay his vet bills!

Floyd jumped all over the people at the vet (well, tried to anyway). Last time he was hurt he was a little more quiet, this time he wouldn't keep still. He was 16kg when he got stuck in the fence, he's now 19kg! The vet mentioned something about him growing - I said, "Surely he's not going to grow more..." She said he will, at only seven months... and he's tall, too. Big feet. Maybe Floyd the Horse WAS an appropriate name for him? I asked the vet about his size, could he be part newfoundland or something, but the vet said he's obviously from his shape and colour a cattledog/border collie cross - and he's just got a tall gene in there. She did say he's beautiful, too. (See, I'm not biased!) Floyd has anti-inflamatories and painkillers (all in one) and I reckon he's just bunging it on 'cos he likes the drugs.

He's such a smooger! (Smoocher if you must.)

MDFD sent me this picture and asked whether Floyd got crutches...

YAY! The dishwasher seal has arrived... yippeeeee! I might go and get it thisafternoon.

The secondment is on hold. The place I work is having a reshuffle and they're waiting for the personnel changes to be approved by HR. After that they'll be able to figure out what's going on, and look at allowing me to go on the secondment. There's a little more to it than that, but I have to stay mum about it.

You know it's not only the commies who have five year plans!!

Hey! I forgot to mention that at about 9am my doorbell rang - a rare occurrence. There's a woman at the door who announces, crankily, that she's from blah-de-dah real estate, and she's got an appointment with me at 9am... (obviously thinks this is one of her rental properties and is here for an inspection, and quite cranky 'cos the grass isn't properly mowed and the carports got some junk under it). She was really, really cranky, I think she'd been winding herself up as she walked down the driveway. I wonder if she would have come and snooped around the property if I hadn't been home. I told her my address and said that the house next door was a rental (I should have added that I'd appreciate it if someone had the acre of jungle up the back cut there!).


Egg said...

Good news.
Hey Floyd - drugs are baaad, m'kay?

Pedro the Ignorant said...

Hey Kae,
Shotguns are an excellent "unwanted caller" repellant.

It doesn't take long for the word to get around about the crazy ol' bastard/bitch at number 22. A resident pack of dogs is a bonus.

Clint Eastwood did it beautifully in "Gran Torino"; - "Get off my lawn".
Sure to rank with "Go ahead, make my day" as one of the most quoted lines of a movie.