Sunday, April 26, 2009

ABC Insiders 26/4/09

Lenore Taylor, The Australian
Malcolm Farr, Daily Telegraph
Andrew Bolt, Herald Sun

At the moment their reviewing the admission by Krudd et al about there being a recession and u unemployment rising above double digits...

link here.

Wayne Goose is not speculating about anything...

Andrew Robb was asked some silly questions by Cassidy, along the lines of "What would the Libs do about the boat people, etc." He answered, "Well, we're not in government and won't be for at at least 15 months, so it's not up to us. You should be asking Rudd and the ALP what they are planning to do..." And he kept up this line, and accounted for himself very well.

Your shout is interesting, the comedians interviewed and the cartoons featured seem to be rubbishing Rudd.


Anonymous said...

Not Cassidy's finest hour as he seems to be caught between trying to rid himself of his Labor past and appear objective, yet still be stuck to his old ABC/Labor bias.

You're right, he could be a whole lot harder on Rudd and the illegal immigrant issue, yet as Robb said, it's not about what the Libs would do if they were in power, but what is Labor not doing about the real time now scenario as more boats appear on the horizon.

Why were they tip toing around the 2020 summit? It seemed they had to find a bit of good in it before they dug the boot in. It was a farce and only Bolt described it as such.

I felt a bit sorry for Andrew Bolt as Farr tried to denigrate him in his summing up.

Andrew shouldn't retaliate, with the 'you're picking on me' line. The ABC is not big on sympathy for right wingers.

The viewers can see the patronising Farr for what he is. Mehaul.

Anonymous said...

yes Mehaul, I too think AB is almost wasting his time there. On the other hand without the token "balance", there would be no show.
I stopped watching when AB is not part of it.


stackja1945 said...

The Farr side of politics does go a far way to the left. Of course, the Always Biased Commission has it reputation to uphold.