Sunday, April 12, 2009

An awakening

Perhaps there will be a change in direction as it appears the green lies which have been fed to all and believed by those who don't understand, and others who should know better, are being exposed as lies and exaggeration.

In The Weekend Australian there was an article by Paige Taylor which gives me hope. And oh, gosh, she got her lead from Quadrant!

LONG-HELD views that farmers have blithely plundered the Australian environment - raping the soil, polluting the rivers, killing off species and hastening global warming - are for the first time being challenged as a green myth.

Rather than the popular belief that Australian agriculture is destroying the environment, there is an emerging counterview that responsible modern farming helps preserve the land.
Here's the article in the Aus.

Here's a direct link ot the Quadrant article.

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