Sunday, April 12, 2009

Creative Cookery - Pizza from scratch (for Obama)

Boy on a Bike writes the bestest recipes.

Here's his most recent one for pizza, from scratch.

The next step from buying a jar of sauce is to buy two tins of tomatoes and make sauce from them.

Buy whole tomatoes, not chopped ones. The beauty of using tinned tomatoes is that you can keep a few tins in the cupboard and always have the ingredients on hand for pizza. They last a long time - if you are like my mother, and ignore use-by dates, they will last until the next ice age.

Open the tin and drain the tomatoes. Let all the water go down the plug - it's just water, sugar and red colouring. Ignore it. Let it go. You are not wasting anything.

Get a strainer. Put on an old shirt. You might also want to stand on the lawn to do this. Put a tomato in your hand and squeeze it, squeezing out all the excess water. Sure as eggs, some of the water and seeds will squirt out and land on your shirt, so put on an old shirt. Some will also end up spraying all over the kitchen, which is why it is a good idea to go outside and do it.

This is one he did last week.

Cooking for blokes: Apple tart.

Grease your oven tray with something. Like margarine or butter. Not axle grease or sump oil.

Question - can I use that spray stuff in a can?

Answer - what do I care? Just grease the tray! Use your fingers! Work that stuff all over the tray!

Question - can I use baking paper?

Answer - baking what?


Boy on a bike said...

Yes, if you ever make it down here, I will cook Pizza. You can also organise a night at the pub for the local Blairites.

Pogria said...

You cut me deep Kae, you cut me deep.

I thought I was your source of the bestest recipes.


I don't think I can make you my FIRST PRIZE WINNING AT CAMDEN SHOW 2009 chocolate cake next time you visit.

It. just. wouldn't. be. right.

Also, nothing beats my secret pizza base recipe.

My homemade pizza sauce, made from my home grown tomatoes, redolent of my homegrown garlic and masses of my homegrown basil and parsley.

sniff, sniff. I need a hug.

ps boab, my KitchenAid is bigger than your KitchenAid.


Boy on a bike said...

I take it you have a red Kitchenaid?

Pogria said...

Boy, it's white.

Boy on a bike said...

Then mine is faster.

kae said...

So it's true, red ones really do go faster!

Pogria said...

uh uh boy, mine is measured in horsepower, not wattage.

nyah nyah!!

Boy on a bike said...

Maybe you should email Kae your secret dough recipe and Kae could publish it for peer review?

kae said...

But it's a secret, Boy!

Pogria said...

oh no!.

I'm not that easily fooled!

Don't let the blonde mane fool you!


We'll have to have a battle of the KitchenAids. Winner takes all secret recipes.

ps, the secret recipe makes a thin crisp crust where you can taste fennel, coriander and pepper in every crispy bite. ooooaaarrgghhhh.

Also makes terrific grissini. nyah.

Minicapt said...




Minicapt said...


Such As:

Sample: I just made one. After I ate it, I couldn’t get up from the chair. I just sat there, marveling at how good it was. I would marvel for a while, and then I’d think about something else, and then suddenly I’d say, out loud, “DAMN that was good.”


Pogria said...

Hi Captain,
they are a fantastic set of books. I'd like to get them eventually.
That website is marvelous.

Did you have to do a Frank Barone and loosen your belt after you'd eaten your pizza?

Boy on a bike said...

Loosen your belt? I eat pizza in the nude to prevent such problems from arising.

kae said...

Even in restaurants?


Must be a bit embarrassing for J and the munchkins, huh?

Pogria said...

Lickable pizza.

Quit the evasive tactics boab.

We still have to prove who has the biggest KitchenAid.

kae said...


Boy, I might pass on that invite over for Pizza next time I'm in the city....