Friday, April 10, 2009

where are our jobs?

Anna Bligh was elected as Premier of Queensland in March. One of her promises was that she would increase Queensland jobs by 100,000 (Apparently unemployment in Queensland is running at a total of 113,100.)

To keep an eye on these jobs (the NLP made a promise to increase the jobs by 10,000, on top of the already planned job making schemes mooted by Bligh's mob), one of the NLP members has started up a site "where are our jobs".

The site is running a "jobometer", and it's currently in the red.

Yesterday, when I first visited the site, jobs were in the red to the tune of about 2,500.

Today I return and they've increased to 6,905.

Here's the site, with some "testimonials" from disgruntled workers, many of them now very concerned about their employment futures..


Egg said...

Pass it on to Kevni, apparently he likes to 'Watch'?

Skeeter said...

A friend who owns a large business started laying off in July 2008.
But, compared to an ALP politician, what would a mere businessman know about where the economy was headed?
The increasing job losses are inevitable.
Sorry folks, but even if the mortgage interest rate goes down to zero, we still won't be able to make payments without a job.
I really feel sad for all those young people who have been suckered into buying a house with help of government grants.
Many of them will soon be in the same parlous position as the US NINJAs that caused the sub-prime melt-down in the first place.

kc said...

Skeeter, as usual, your insight is right on the money. You may not be American, but you're certainly more "in touch" with what's happening than any Elected Official SenateScum or CongressWeasel.

What's a NINJA?

kae said...

NIJA was used to coin a type of subprime loan, borrowers had No Income, No Job or Assets.

That's what's caused the GFC!

Mild Colonial Boy, Esq. said...

Kae, are you using NLP rather than LNP for a reason?

kae said...

MCB, must be having a lisdexyc moment - makes a change from the senior ones!
I might leave it like that for posterity - I'm tired and must go to bed!