Friday, April 10, 2009

Freedom of speech

Found at Mark Steyn & Ezra Levant's blogs.

Apparently SUU (Southern Utah University) officials planned to designate "Free Speech Zones" on campus.

A letter appeared in the SUU newspaper.

In light of SUU officials plan to designate "Free Speech Zones" on campus, I thought I'd offer my assistance. Grab a map. OK, ready?
Pop over to Ezra's and have a look, it's brilliant. The author of the letter, Jeffrey Wilbur, has hit the nail on the head!

Thanks to Pogs for the heads up.

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Carol said...

In the United States we have a first amendment guarantee of free speech. It is unbelievable to me that on our campuses, where the free exchange of ideas is crucial to our young people forming independent opinions, that this kind of foolishness is routinely taking place. It is unconstitutional and unconscienable.