Thursday, April 9, 2009

Vets, pets and fees

Further to my "Pissed" spray the other day.

I spoke with the receptionist at the vet's when I picked Floyd up.

I live in a rural area. The vet's receptionist explained that if they tell people that it's $200 to desex the pet, and speyings cost more, quite often the pet owner won't bother getting the pet desexed.

I told her it would be better to say base price is whatever, and the extras are whatever. She said that normally that's what they'd explain to an enquirer, but the person who told me didn't explain the extras.

I'm supposed to keep the monkey-dog calm, no jumping etc. for 14 days. He was jumping yesterday so I left him alone, he then went to sleep mostly.

Today he's himself again - jumping around and playing with his squeaky toys. The vet person said to shorten his lead - I can't! It'd be too short. He still jumps up on my lap at 19kg. He will leap up for me to catch him when I'm standing!

He's amazing.


Boy on a bike said...

I am waiting for you to make up your own caption for that Obama-earwax photo.

Whenever you get hit by a big bill in future, you can now exclaim, "By the balls of Floyd, that's expensive!"

kc said...

Ooh, GOOD one, BOAB!

Or the slight variation of a denial statement -

Me (gazing at hiking boots in the display window): Man, I wouldn't pay that for Floyd's balls!

Boy on a bike said...

"I will trade you a pair of balls for your Ferrari".

kae said...


I knew I shoulda kept those little trinkets.

(It's always easier, BOAB, if it's someone else's balls that your putting on the line.)

RebeccaH said...

"What am I made out of? Balls?"

kae said...

Odd's Bodkins! can now be replaced with

Floyd's Balls!

Egg said...

Glad to see Floyd's having (a ball xxx) fun again ...

Boy on a bike said...

Maybe Margo can turn this into a question for Q&A:

"How many of Floyd's balls will be required to put a fibre optic cable into every house?"

(Answer = 42).

kae said...

Laughing a lot, BoaB.

Of course, that's the answer. Douglas Adams didn't even meet Floyd.

mike said...

Your dog should be fine in a few days. It wont help with maintenance issues but I actually really like pet insurance for emergencies and illnesses.

kae said...


"Do you think balls grow on trees?"

Hi Mike

I hope he's fine real soon - he's full of beans and a jumper, he jumps on me! Thismorning he did his usual throwing himself against the veneer at the bottom of the flyscreen sliding door (to stop pups from jumping on it and scratching it), and I got up. I went out to do the morning hello ritual and he started jumping up on my lap (he's about 19kg - 2.2lb/kilo that is). He's got dissolving stitches and the wound is only about an inch long (sorry about the mixed measurements, I grew up with imperial and got changed to metric, if an imperial measurement suits I use it!), and it's slightly swollen. But they said that it's normal to have a bit of swelling.
Thismorning he jumped up and the rope must have run across the wound... oh dear. Drop of blood. Panic! (in my head of course). Only one drop. Whew. I hope it's OK, will have to keep an eye on it.
He just won't stay quiet. The vet suggested shortening the rope. I did that after he dripped.

kae said...

Fourteen days.

I have to keep him quiet for fourteen days.

(maniacal cackle)

I'll be crazy before then!