Thursday, April 9, 2009


Just saw the piece on the news about the hospital which has removed all Christian symbols from its chapel.

The news reader said:

"... other religions are puzzled by the move."

No. Muslims have said they are puzzled by the move. There is no other religion which is, or could possibly be, offended by crosses and/or bibles.

As I've said before, muslims will be demanding their own, exclusive, prayer room any time now.


Carol said...

Our institutions are eliminating all manner of "ist" and "ic", racist, homophobic, etc., in order to build a one world, kumbaya society. Apparently, they believe somebody should be suppressed and they've chosen Christians to be the fall guys. Probally because Christians are not as easily inflamed and even when they are, Christians are not prone to violence. We're all on our way to state sanctioned Hell.

Skeeter said...

...muslims will be demanding their own, exclusive, prayer room any time now.
According to the teeve news, and confirmed here in the Islam Monitor, there already is a separate Muslim prayer room in the RNS chapel itself. Maybe the increasing Muslim population has rendered that area no longer big enough.
At the bottom of an article on this topic in the Mosman Daily, there is an online poll asking "Should the Royal North Shore Hospital’s Christian chapel be made non-denominational to not offend other religions?". The poll is currently running at 95% "NO".
Such a poll will, of course, have absolutely no effect on the bureaucrats who have decided that they know best how society should be ruled.