Thursday, April 9, 2009

Floyd is great today

Bouncing around like the happy, energetic pooch he is.

I am supposed to keep him quiet, LOLZ, yeah, sure. Good luck with that.

You know how I really dislike driving down to the Gold Coast? I call the road "4 Lanes of Terror"?

This is why.

M1 shut after horror smash
April 9th, 2009

A FAMILY of four heading off on an Easter trip were last night in hospital, the victims of a four-car smash on the M1 involving 10 people.

In what was a horror start to the Easter holidays, five people were rushed to Gold Coast and Robina hospitals after the crash near Exit 69 at Nerang at 9.20pm.

The crash shut all four north-bound lanes, causing traffic to bank up to at least Robina.

It is understood the high-speed smash happened when one of the vehicles ploughed three cars into the highway concrete barriers and off the road.

The family's car ended up in a ditch off the highway, while the 46-year-old driver of another car was trapped in his vehicle, which is believed to have rolled five times.

He was treated in the car by paramedics and then rushed to Gold Coast Hospital in a semi-conscious state. He was not believed to have life-threatening injuries.

The family were also understood to have non life-threatening injuries.
More here. (includes pix which I can't post, system too slow)

NOTE: I've been having a little trouble with the blog, things slow and timing out. I had to try three separate attempts to get the car accident pix up.


Anonymous said...

"I've been having a little trouble with the blog, things slow and timing out"
Never fear Kevin is here to help!

kae said...

Hi Orrie

Great. Kev's from Queensland and he's here to help


And how much is THAT gonna cost?

Pogria said...

Now Kae, you know when Junior and I were up there year before last, we found that your "FOUR LANES OF TERROR", were actually a dream run.
I wish we had roads like that down here.
Remember, Junior was on his "L's", and he thought it was a great drive.

Bloody transplanted Queensland WUSS!!!