Friday, April 17, 2009

Dumb presenters

A radio host yesterday commenting on this news item (includes pictures) said that the man had "swallowed a seed, which grew in his lungs".

I think her understanding of anatomy and the human body is pretty awful! The MD who was actually being interviewed finally straightened her out and said that the seed wasn't swallowed, but inhaled, and the presenter couldn't quite comprehend how someone could inhale a fir tree seed.


TimT said...

"Finally, it looks pretty healthy, which I wouldn't expect. Most plants that grow in the dark lack chlorophyll, and are very yellow and unhappy looking." Obviously he was shining with an inner light. :) Don't these doctors know anything?

kae said...

Tim T
"Don't these doctors know anything?"

About the human body one would hope so.
About plants? Not so much.

he he

Anonymous said...

now, now kae!
he obviously was someone like our Kevin!
has his own inner shine!


RebeccaH said...

Yow. That poor sap.