Friday, April 17, 2009

Turnbull skitches AM host, Tony Eastley

And goes for the throat when speaking of the fiery boat incident.

Eastley keeps interrupting him to make points that it's not the ALP/Rudd's fault that more refugees are coming, and that the injured are not in hospital yet and the opposition/Turnbull are politicising the incident.

Turnbull replies that Eastley is the one politicising it.

Should be here about 9am. I might talk about it later.

Oh, and the gem of the radio interviewers was the fool who asked a representative from the hospital I think,(paraphrased) "When you say that there was a fracture to the upper limb, could you tell us exactly which part of the body that is?"


Anonymous said...

Evening Kae

I had a look at the Turnbull transcript, i think he managed it quite well & deflected the suppositions being made.

On another tack i read one of the later transcrips, they have had to do escharotomies (sic) on some of the burns patients, V nasty when it comes to that treatment for burns, not a good prognosis.


Carpe Jugulum

kae said...

I heard the escharotomies (I thought they were called fasciotomies, slashing the flesh to allow the swelling to stop tissue damage).

From the sound of the damage to the patients brought to a Brisbane hospital I'd say the prognosis isn't good. Burns to 30-50% of their bodies.

What kind of fool sets fire to their boat?

Anonymous said...

No, fasciaotomies refers to the membrane around muscle bundles (calf - soleus, gastroconemieus), escharotomies are basically slash & hope medicine to relieve pressure on tisue (skin), for what its worth a friend of mine from the Navy was on the USNS Comfort when the USS Iwo Jima caught fire they did 23 full body escharotomies, the success rate was poor. overall their Prognosis is V poor depending on kidney function & infusion rates.

Setting fire to the boat, , i have no idea, what were they thinking, petrol + flame, never going to be a good outcome.

On a more cheerful note is the TV working yet???


Carpe Jugulum

kae said...

Thanks Carpe.
With burns it's the infection and or dehydration that kills isn't it?

Thinking? I don't think so.

TV? What's TV?

I'm reading Bolt's blog on the overboard stuff.

I should watch Q&A, but I'll have to go horizontal soon - will have to do some work at home if I can, but if the system is slow, I'll have to go in. It's an almost 3 hour commute, and I wanted to do stuff at home and play with floyd etc.

Had dinner with MDFD as I left work much later than usual, and missed J&B to return the aerial. Useless thing.

MDFD is bringing over the new/old dishwasher tomorrow and together we'll see if we can get into the roof and see what's up.

Living in the country is good for fresh air, but bad for shopping after midday on Saturdays!

Egg said...

"... the upper limb, could you tell us exactly which part of the body that is?"

Just above the arsehat ...

RebeccaH said...

If someone ever asked me which part of the body an upper limb is, I'd be tempted to ask back, in all innocence: "Why do you want to know?"