Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Getting stoned at the Gold Coast, an amazing escape

A very lucky escape for this family. (includes some video)

A GOLD Coast family of four pulled off a miraculous mountainside escape when their vehicle was bombarded by tonnes of boulders during a massive landslide at Springbrook.
Michael and Jodie Johnston of Mermaid Beach were travelling up Springbrook Road in their Ford Territory with their young children, Tiffany, 5, and Lukas, 2, for a Sunday morning hike in the national park about 10am.

That plan took a turn for the worse when dozens of boulders, the largest weighing approximately 8 tonnes, hit the front bonnet of their car, which began sliding down a cliff face. The road remains closed today in both directions

Mrs Johnston told The Bulletin of her horror when the landslide began without warning and began pushing the the AWD off the road.

``We were driving up the road when we saw a couple of small stones sitting on the road,'' she said.

``Then, all of a sudden, as we were going past the smaller stones, it was like the whole side of the mountain just started tumbling down.


RebeccaH said...


Skeeter said...

There are lots of roadsigns in this area telling me to be "Beware of Falling Rocks".
I've often wondered what I could do to avoid them.
Not much, it would seem.

Boy on a bike said...

Hell's bells!

Time to change the undies.

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Minicapt said...

Well, when God says "Stop!", he means "Stop!".


stackja1945 said...

Lucky that a rolling stone did not gather a Johnston.