Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Laff again

Totally silly, and hilarious.

Stavros Flatly. (embedding disabled)

Father and son get along like a house on fire.

(Friend told me about it, it was on TV, which I don't have at the moment...)


Anonymous said...

That was the most hilarious thing I saw recently, and I'm not easily impressed.
As one of the judges said, it came totally from left field.
Thanks kae

Dylan in France said...

That'sb the second great clip from 'Britain's Got Talent' I've seen in the last couple of days. Why they don't have a French version I don't know - it'd go down a treat! :)

Anonymous said...

Loved it. Thanks. Mehaul

RebeccaH said...

That was a scream!

mumbles said...