Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Bloody mice.

I like watching RPA

The Cook and The Chef

That's all for tonight.

I have a silly little FM aerial, but it does nothing.

This is sooooooo annoying.

Someone said the mice/rats might have chewed the wire, or the splitter has had the sword.


Anonymous said...

Cook and The Chef Ok, I like to cook myself (good at it too!)
but RPA ? no thank you.

kae said...

I was born around the corner from RPA, in the King George V Hospital for Women and Babies.

Anonymous said...

I am a voyeur with other people's lives if they are sick. That's RPA for me. When they start removing large pieces of intestine and examine it as if it is a rack of lamb at the butchers then I flick over really fast. I think I get through about 20% of each RPA. I can't stand the Cook and the Chef. He's a grub and she's just not suited to television. She reminds me of an Aunt who we all called Miss Try Hard, smiles at the wrong times and laughs for too long.

I've met her though and she's a delight, but she's not the message for that medium. Mehaul.

Anonymous said...

I had my two sons in King George. Small world.


Boy on a bike said...

I got the box set of the Cook and the Chef for Christmas. Nah nan nah.

(And Pogs, my DVD is bigger than your DVD).

Pogria said...

Boy, of course your DVD is bigger than mine. I don't have one!

BUT, (she states menacingly as she throws down the quilted oven mitt),

my stove is BIGGER than yours!

*and from somewhere, a siren screams******************