Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Never judge....

Just saw this at Bolt's.

It brought me to tears.

Watch this woman! (embedding disabled)


RebeccaH said...

I heard about Susan Boyle, but hadn't heard her sing before. God, she's magnificent.

Anonymous said...

From the first line of that song I was covered in goosebumps. Absolutely stunning voice! A little help with her breathing (or it may have been just nerves)and she'd be unbeatable. Anywhere! Anytime!


saint said...

Came across her story at The Anchoress. Brilliant.

kae said...

Hi Saint, glad you see you're still lurking and commenting occasionally from the ridges.

I saw the vid on Bolt's, thanks for the link to Anchoress. It wasn't her appearance which made me question her talent, it was her confidence, her self confidence. Too often on these programmes you do see people who really can't do what they think they can, and they have somehow convinced themselves that they can.

Sandi, me too, goosebumps, just knew that the rest was going to brilliant!

Hiya RebeccaH - yes, magnificent. I wish her all the best!

To me she looks like someone's mum or aunty. I reckon she'd be a riot on a night out. I hope her life changes for the (much) better after the Talent show - what a shame the world hasn't had her beautiful voice from the start!

mythusmage said...

I saw the video first over at Zoe's. So I went and posted the video at my place. The embed from Photobucket works BTW. She has a gift and she uses it well. She's also a saucy lady. :D

kae said...

Hi Mythus
Susan has every reason for that huge self-confidence and cheek! However, from what I've heard it's taken her a lifetime of knocks to develop it and it's a front for true pain and lack of self-confidence.
I think she'd be a great friend!
(I couldn't be bothered downloading vids to the computer, no endless storage, and it's time consuming at home. How have you been, anyway?)