Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A Win!

I had a win. When you read my spray about the vet you will understand how I've had a win in this case.

Last night MDFD phoned me about someone at her work selling a dishwasher, a mobile dishwasher. She forwarded the email to me.

They don't make the mobile kits any more, and they don't make dishwashers which can have the casters screwed on any more. (I could probably find a dishwasher which could be adapted, but I don't have the nouse to know which one that would be.)

It's stainless steel, won't match the kitchen (who cares!), is less than 12 months old, has two more years on it's extended warranty, hasn't been used for a few months, and it washes the dishes. Hurrah!

MDFD will pick it up for me next week and bring it out (she's got a SUV and it will fit in the back).


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