Wednesday, April 22, 2009

WTF? They can sue the Australian government!

Surely this can't be right!

Government may be liable for boat blast compensation.

A human rights lawyer says the Federal Government could be liable to pay compensation to the families of those killed and injured after the Ashmore Reef asylum boat explosion.

The blast killed three of the 47 Afghans and two crew on board and the Defence Department says two others listed as missing are presumed dead.

Forty-one boat blast survivors remain in three hospitals.

You have got to be bloody joking! Read on:

But Greg Barnes from human rights group Rights Australia says because the boat, known as SIEV 36, had been taken into custody it may emerge the Navy had a duty of care to the asylum seekers.

Mr Barnes says there could be grounds for compensation.

"One of those could be that the Navy didn't exercise its duty of care sufficiently or was negligent in the way it dealt with the asylum seekers who were in very dangerous waters," he said.

"But it does depend on there being a duty of care and two, it does depend on whether reasonable steps have been taken by the Navy to secure the safety of asylum seekers."
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You have got to be bloody kidding me!


stackja1945 said...

"You have got to be bloody kidding me!" No. Welcome to KevLand.

Anonymous said...

I'm a betting man kae, and almost willing to put money on this.
If it doesn't come off openly, only because Kevin and Co. fear public backlash.

W: floidsp Floyd is special

Anonymous said...

Mr Barnes is one of thousands of lawyers who make a regular buck out of the victim industry. They create the laws, victim pandering pollies pass them and then feel good arse wipes like Barnes cash in. All of this is promoted by the victims' medium, the peoples' ABC. Mehaul.

kae said...

Floyd isn't special right now - he jumped on the screen door and bounced it off it's tracks. I couldn't get it back on the tracks, I had to fiddle with a screwdriver.
I bought him a new toy tonight - and exhcnaged his too-big halti collar.
We'll see how he likes that on the weekend.

Anonymous said...

"I couldn't get it back on the tracks,"
With most, if not all sliding doors you have to push it back to a pos. where you can lift it up and put it back on track. Usually there is a notch in the upper guide.

saint said...

Well I should have put money on that they would even consider it.