Wednesday, April 22, 2009

All your transmissions are my!


I had TV last night, but didn't know it.

When I took the rubbish out thismorning before leaving for work I noticed the old "zapped" tuner/booster/splitter box on the bin. Oops. (I did have this urge last night to take the rubbish out, I shouldn't have resisted it! 'Twas a sign!

Anyhoo, I have TV now. I tried to tune it thismorning before going to work, but I must have put the coax in the video/dvd & dvd players incorrectly.

I hate fiddling with stuff! It all should be plug-and-play!

I think I like watching RPA because I've always had an interest in medicine and biology, and you do get to know people on the programme and hope they do well. For the gory bits I turn away.

Probably a good thing I didn't realise my childhood dream and become a nurse. I'd have been the most passed-out-in-a-dead-faint nurse in history!

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