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ABC Insiders 3/5/09

100 Daze Days of Barack.

Swan trying to look intelligent in the brief rundown.

Swan is the "man in the hot seat".

Talking head (with no brain) Kevin speaks about the new toys for the military...

Malcolm points out the wonder at how all the mil stuff's going to be paid for.

Hugh White, Lowy Institute, live from Canberra, speaks about the military strengthening, and is asked, paraphrased, "Is China a threat?". He explains. And speaks about the region. Then speaks about the shrinking, changing of Australia's defence forces. To save money. Reining in.

George Megalogenis speaks about defence. Fibsgiven soundbite from 9... wait for the budget... funding certainty.

Gerard Henderson, also on defence. Wait for the budget to see the costing...

Misha Schubert, (I like her necklace), about savings and efficiency in the military.

Gerard: Inefficiencies, job cuts, civilian job cuts
Geo: Selling up land owned by defence.

Mischa: cancer drugs to be subsidised, a breast cancer drug and one for bowel cancer.

Oh, it's Wayne, about the budget. (He also looks like a prissy old lesbian when waiting to be interviewed.)

I reckon he uses the old formala: Arse Pluck V

Did he say Working Families? No. He talked about support for those losing jobs.

Barry asked what are you doing for young people who may not be able to find employment.

Swan answered that the economic stimulus has saved lots of jobs 'cos there'd be more unemployed without the economic stimulus.

(er, bullshit) Stimulating the economy to keep jobs.

Still banging on about that, saying what a good job they have done to save jobs. Can't see that infrastructure projects would be better ($43M on broadband that won't deliver? How about $43M on some dams and useful infrastructure?)

Waste and extravagance in the military... Swanneee's gonna fix it and save some money, check the budget for details...

Chinalco. Swan attacks Turnbull. Barry quotes Turnbull's good points about Chinalco, Swan honks.

You'll have to listen to/read it yourself when it appears on the web. It's too full of spin and bull.

Your Shout - Mindle Beach markets - ask the swampies what they think about more troops to Afghanistan. Older bloke agreed, two younger women stallholders (?) disagree, swampies. Older woman (by older I mean around 50 or more), agrees.

Budget: Excellent banter between Gerard and Mischa, after showing the interview with Peter Costello when he rubbishes the handouts from KRudd and points out that they will have to be paid for... with interest.

Gerard's right. Howard had the excess money. Mischa says that Howard should have spent the money on longlasting infrastructre. (Gee, why shouldn't KRudd do that?) (The infrastructure needed was the responsibility of the state... dams and water for example, so I can't see how it's Howard's "fault".)

They just don't get that when Howard handed out tax cuts HE HAD THE MONEY, the budget was in surplus. They can not see the difference between Rudd and Howard... idiots.

Snippet from Q&A, with poor old Peter Garrett between Barnaby Joyce and the Green senator.

Link to Insiders (should be up later today or Monday).

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stackja1945 said...

Turnbull questions China and is called xenophobic. While Rudd defence against China is praised. Deficit is now what? Why should we believe Rudd Media? Swan reminds of Keating whose preferences are what?