Friday, May 15, 2009

Charles "Bud" Tingwell dies, aged 86

Sad news. He was an actor who had a rich history which included Hollywood movies.

Best known for his roles in film Breaker Morant, TV shows Homicide, All The Rivers Run and more recently, film The Castle, Tingwell was still acting in films and on stage until recently.

"Born in Coogee, a spitfire pilot, movie star, director and family man - it sounds like a character from a movie, but it was actually Bud’s life. He was a one-off."
More on Charles Tingwell's movie career, filmography, at IMDb.

I remember him from Bellbird, on ABC in the 60s and 70s. He also voiced some of the characters in Thunderbirds. He was an extra in many movies.

It's a shame that our PM's view was sought on the value of Bud Tingwell's life and career, it cheapens Tingwell to have that empty vessel sing his praises.


Dylan in France said...

A friend in Oz sent the news by email this morning. We knew him best as Gramps in The Late Show's "Charlie the Wonderdog". Worth YouTubing is you've never seen it and a great way to remember a great Aussie.

Pedro the Ignorant said...

An institution in Oz TV and films.

He seemed to be everywhere, and was like a pair of nice comfy old slippers.

I remember him best as Inspector Lawson in the old B/W TV series of "Homicide", clapping his hat on his head and striding out the front door of Melbourne's Russell St Police HQ.

A stand out role (in a great fillum) was as the High Court judge in "The Castle".

RIP Bud. Fondly remembered.