Sunday, May 31, 2009


Being ill with a wog and needing comfort food tonight I opened my packet of Cadbury milk chocolate with macadamia nuts.

Has anyone else noticed that the old 250gm blocks of choc wrapped in foil and then paper are now encased in tiny cardboard boxes, and then foil.... and only weigh 200gm?

They still cost the same as the 250gm blocks, in fact they rarely fall below $3 per block on special.

There used to be six squares across, now there's only five four. That's 50 grams that's missing. And the block is a lot slimmer, but the carboard box makes it look the same size as the old blocks.

I've written to them to complain. I doubt it will achieve anything.

I guess it's goodbye Cadbury chocolate.


Mild Colonial Boy, Esq. said...

Did you see this article, Kae at,23739,25561580-953,00.html

Apparently, Mars are reducing the size of the Mars Bars but not the price as a favour to consumers - to help them control portion size because many are overweight.

If they expect anyone to buy that they have another thing coming.

kae said...

No, I didn't see that article, MCB, but my friend Nilk and I were chatting thisevening and she said she complained about the chocolate shrinking and was told that the 200 gram block was a more popular size for consumers.

Sure, they're doing it for our health... and their bottom line. And I know the stronger reason of the two!

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't write them off just yet kae.

Unless times have changed you might get a few complimentary blocks of chokies out of them.

An old lady friend of mine, who loved chocolate, complained about some defect or other, and she received a box of really expensive stuff from them. Was a while back.
Can't remember, had Cadbury been taken over?
Anyway worth a try, if you don't speak up they won't hear you.

Re. the cold-flu I find a bit of brandy, and frequent inhaling of steam helps clear the head. Or the brandy makes you forget? Something like that.

Plenty of chamomile tea and vitamin C, also helps (I already take 2.5 g of C daily as a matter of course)

Codral cold&flu tablets are the only ones I use.

kae said...

Hi Anonymous (is that Mehaul?)
It's rare now to get anything from a company if you complain about a product. I bought some yummy Grove juice once and it had bugs. They replaced it and gave me an extra one, and took the old one away. They reported to me about the bug, too.
Many these days just ignore you, or tell you that their standards are high and thanks for your feedback.... or fluff you off with some story about portion control or some such. Rubbish! I doubt I'll be getting chocolate from Cadbury - especially when they've deliberately disguised the fact that the quantity has shrunk by 1/5.
I can't take cold/flu tablets. I'm very intolerant of things like sudafed (amphetamine like stuff, speed, I have tachycardia), if I took a daytime one I'd be awake for 24 hours. They don't sell them in night ones only, so I can't take them.

And to top it all off, I can't get the fire to stay alight, and that's more than tickin' me off!

Boy on a bike said...

J rang a yoghurt maker this week because the tubs we have been buying were only half full. They're sending us a voucher - value unknown - for bothering to tell them about it.

I only buy Lindt chocolate - it's not stuffed full of sugar like Cadbury. I did a tour of their factory in Hobart a few years back (can't do that anymore). The smell was incredible (as in incredibly good) - until they poured in all the sugar and milk.


Pedro the Ignorant said...

Being older than dirt, I remember the old "two bob" block of chocolate.

It freaks me out when I see a "two bob" block in the shop at $4.99.

I knew I shouldn't have buried all those pound notes in the back yard. Dunny paper is worth more now.