Sunday, May 17, 2009


If my neighbour's horse has buggered my fence can I get her to fix it?

She had an electric tape across the top of the fence, but it's fallen down and the horse has just leant over the fence and the dogwire is bunched up. There are three strands of what was high tensile wire, but two of them are broken.

I am so mad, the fence cost a fortune and we paid for it to keep their feral kids and animals out. (They're the ones with Freckles the horse and the dogs which ate the neighbour's dog). The front fence which we had done by the same fencing contractor at the same time is fine. I suppose that's because there's been no horses leaning over it. It cost, I think, $1,600 for the two fences, one about 50m and the other about 55m.

What can I do?

The other fences are ordinary, too, one is about 15 years old and was made of treated pine which has rotted out and broken off at the base. The other was made by the next door neighbour and not very well out of any old bits of wood he could find for posts... and it's not straight and it's only 3 feet tall, instead of the usual 4 foot. I don't have a problem with those neighbours.

I must speak with the young bloke next door about our fence, he did say he was going to repair it and get a couple of calves... no calves yet. Freckles knocked that fence over, too, when he broke into my place last year. I didn't even think to ask him about giving him some money for the posts, etc.


Boy on a bike said...

Horses can be dealt with under rule .303.

kae said...

OK Boy
Strike plan A, no .303
Plan B?

Nilk said...

Meh. Her horse did the damage... she broke it she fixes it.

Kaboom said...

Nah. AFAIK, rural areas have different "standards", and the usual Dividing Fences Act 1953 (Qld) provisions simply don't apply.

If you wish to fence, it is your obligation to pay for and maintain something more than a three-strand barb-and-star picket "fence".

If the fence you have built cannot withstand an hungry horse, then it simply wasn't good enough.

Don't expect your feral neighbour to have to chip in to pay for your luxury.

}Kaboom dives, masterfully avoiding thrown brick{