Sunday, May 17, 2009

Interesting MO

Had a call from a friend who said to me "I wonder how much money is in it for these girls who are dragging up their assignations with footballers from 7 years ago and more? There's got to be money in it for them to do that..."

She told me that the MO seems to be the same for footballers.

Many years ago she met a footballer from a team away on "holidays" up the north coast of Qld. She was a local and was introduced to this footballer by a mutual friend. They chatted and danced together and she later gave him a lift back to his motel and went to his room. She said to me "I know we weren't going there to play tiddly-winks!"

She said that they were interrupted by other members of the team more than once and she told them in no uncertain terms to go away. After the interruptions she and the footballer travelled to another location in her car.

Fortunately she was not awestruck by the "celebrity", in her late 20s and was capable of standing up for herself.

I recall many years ago three girls went to the Lidcombe Railway pub (I think), where Wests used to go after practise sessions at Lidcombe oval. I think one of the girls was interested in the footballers, but my friend and I were not. One of the footballers (now deceased), tried to chat her up. He was rough and rude and crude. She was unimpressed. Not sure if the interested girl met a footballer that night.

Another friend of mine as a young teenager had assignations with a player for a now defunct team. He is also deceased now, but I think he was married then.

No names.

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