Monday, May 18, 2009

TEN News tonight

TEN News?

Not much news tonight.

First up, the appalling conditions in the aboriginal camp outside Mt Isa. The joint looks like a pigsty, these poor people are living in squalor. They have to prepare food outside because the kitchen's so filthy. They sleep on mattresses on the floor. Several families share one house.

Yeah, right. Someone should ask who wrecked the houses. Who left the filth in the kitchens. Who destroyed the fittings.

Later, upcoming in the news report, snoring can cause brain damage - gee, you mean that some reasearcher has just discovered about sleep apnoea?

The next big health item is that *SHOCK* pool chemicals may cause cancer! (Anti-algal chemicals.)

Oh, this is a classic. Kevin's blaming the Hard Decisions of the budget for his 10% popularity slump.

Hard decisions?


Speaking of squalor.
Now I'm watching "Living Black" on SBS.
More whining about the town camp at Hidden Valley.
Another pigsty.
It was built 15 years ago, and is wrecked.
My house was built over 15 years ago and it's getting on, but it's not been wrecked.

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