Sunday, May 17, 2009

Insiders ABC 17/5/09


Annabelle Crabbe

George Megalogenis

Brian Toohey

(read their profiles here)

Guest: Anthony Albanesi, the big spender... We're building lots of stuff.

Oh how interesting. George is explaining the Big Spend Early theory against the last recession where the government waited two years to stimulate. This was preceeded by talk of 4% growth in X years and the number of unemployed in the future.
Shame really, I wasn't paying attention. Sorry. (I still have to catch up with Q&A.)

Oh, the attack stooges are going at the opposition about what level of debt they would have. Totally missed is the point that the debt would be incurred consructing infrastructure, not pissing it up against the wall*. It's really a moot point. They are called The Opposition for a reason (someone should give the Opposition a lesson in opposing, huh?)

Daylight saving in Perth, WA, as Steve at the Pub points out in comments, there are reasons why some people don't want daylight saving, good reasons - 55% said no. Thinking that Perth is almost on the same lat as Brisbane, and that they're way OS (ie: Other Side). SE Qld could use daylight saving to align with the southern states, but it is problematic for any people living west of the divide and north of the Sunshine Coast, especially when the spread of daylight hours is different from Brisbane to the Qld/NT border, and the time is the same. Just from Brisbane a couple of hours west the sun rises a half hour later and sets a half hour later (by the clock), than in Brisbane, and the time is the same. For people who work by the daylight but who have to use their clock to meet external deadlines this causes problems. In the city and the coastal strip south of the Sunshine Coast it would probably be better if some sort of flexibility could be given to workers in larger organisations to commence work early and finish early, to stagger hours to cover the gap between the southern work hours and the Qld times. As for small businesses, I really don't know what the solution is, but the idea of changing the time across Queensland will most definitely not suit everyone.

*Thanks Kevin. My cut of the squander went to pay the credit card after my recent rash of failed whitegoods. They just don't make things to last any more! I would like to have bought a TiVO... ah well. Oh, and I still won't vote for the ALP, not when my $900 looks like it's going to cost me $6,000. No deal!

Watching Kevin Rudd's denial that he wants to head up the UN... gee, Julia Gillard looks a prickly character.


Steve at the Pub said...

These wallies touched on the Westoz "NO" vote.

It was as if the natural view on daylight saving is to vote "YES". None of them seemed able to conceptualise that grown up adults have grown up reasons to vote "NO".

Reminded me of the Sydney Morning Herald editor trying to rationalise why several hundred thousand NSW citizens had not handed in their guns, or that one quarter of Queenslanders had voted for Pauling Hanson's One Nation Party;

A differing opinion ("no" vote in this case) can only be because the people who voted no aren't as bright as "us".

stackja1945 said...

DST is an urban myth. Does not work in the real country.