Saturday, May 9, 2009

A new dam in Queensland, work commences

Preconstruction activities on the Wyaralong Dam Project have begun, following Project approval by the Federal Environment Minister Peter Garrett.

Construction of the Project will be undertaken in three works packages - preconstruction, the Beaudesert-Boonah Road realignment, and dam construction.

Due for completion in 2011, the Wyaralong Dam will supply 21,000 million litres of additional water each year (when operated in conjunction with Cedar Grove Weir).

The Wyaralong Dam is located on the Teviot Brook, approximately 14 kilometres northwest of Beaudesert in the Logan River Catchment.

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The Qld ALP is pushing this dam as an employment sink - they're not pushing the water supply aspect so much

Other projects mooted in Qld - and many opposed by Bob Beige and other "No Dams" idiots.

Something I found about Wolfdene Dam...

An observation of the confluence of statistical aberrations, dam ratios, timing and uncommon rainfall events that combined to present our dams as victims of a severe drought. This is not the case. Their influence on conclusions reached and actions taken.

Author : J. V. Hodgkinson F. C. A. Chartered AccountantAugust 2006 to April 2008

From the home page of that same site:

UPDATES : November 2008

Official statistics of this website indicate that in excess of 20,000 separate computers have accessed this site not all being by this "home" page. Over 50% have added it to their "favourites".

It would have become clear to the readers that the Wivenhoe/Somerset System has been living with the prospect of Dam Failure since 1992. Summer rainfall was clearly inadequate from that year onwards (see dam level graph below). " Uncommon events" not only filled our Dams in 1988 and 1989 causing the cancellation of the Wolfdene Dam, construction of which was well underway, but refilled it a further 4 times to February 2001 when they went on their quite natural walkabout. This led us to believe that we were experiencing "the worst drought in 100 years". It was not. 48 years of the 20th Century in 6 year lots had the same result. The Summer Rainfall for the last 7 years since the dams were last full compared to the long term average were 99.1% in the Wivenhoe and 91.4% in the Somerset. We just missed two uncommon events. August 2007 brushed the coast and May 2008 stayed out to sea. January 2008 Monsoon devastated Central Qld.


daddy dave said...

that's really good news.
I think I'm feeling all warm towards Peter Garrett.

Egg said...

Pete gives a dam?

Skeeter said...

Drove through the dam area last Saturday. Visited Moogerah Dam and enjoyed a barbecue picnic beside the Maroon Dam, along with a lot of other happy campers.
The usual "No Dam" signs in the Wyaralong area showed that some of the 19 property owners affected by that dam were unhappy.
There are always good and bad results when dams are built. Friends who had their farm resumed for the Wolfdene Dam were delighted to get the money. Other friends got a good price for their farm on the Mary River when the land was resumed for the Traveston Crossing Dam. In both cases, the farms had been on the market for years with no buyers.

Some dam-haters on TV were celebrating their killing of Tasmania's Gordon-Franklin scheme last week.
How wonderful it is that the wilderness will now be preserved forever.
No mention of the fact that Tasmania is now importing coal-fired electricity across the Bass Strait on the cable that was laid to export carbon-free, hydro-electricity to the mainland.

Prue said...

Skeeter -as a landowner losing most of my property to the Wyaralong Dam, I can assure you that ALL property owners affected are more than unhappy, as are the non-property owning residents who apparently don't even count. It's just that people have been worn down by the brutality of dealing with this government, and the lack of interest by most of the media. Land sales will no doubt be classed as voluntary, without mentioning the the threats of "if you don't reach agreement/sign by the end of the week, your land will be resumed", "if you don't sign by today, the legal fees won't be paid", etc.
Kae - the government is not pushing the water supply aspect because it is full of holes. They have been able to hide the true value of this dam by quoting a yield figure "when operated in conjunction with the Cedar Grove Weir". No water will be taken directly from the Wyaralong Dam on the little Teviot Brook. It will all come from the existing Cedar Grove Weir, many kilometres downstream on the Logan River. If you read the fine print, you'll find that most of the water will come directly from the Logan, from the Weir (3+ million litres), Bromelton off-stream storage (5 million litres) etc etc.
Peter Beattie told us that the reason this dam was selected, in spite of yielding so much less than the alternatives, was because fewer people were affected. This was after widespread advertising that his decision would be all about yield. I guess that's politics.