Saturday, May 9, 2009

Swine Flu in Brisbane - I'm not bothered

A NSW woman who arrived in Brisbane on Thursday on a flight from Los Angeles has tested positive for swine flu in Australia's first confirmed case of the illness.

The woman, who remains in Brisbane with family, is no longer infectious and had a weak strain of the virus, authorities say.
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Skeeter said...

...Australia's first confirmed case of the illness...Top of the news in all the media for a few brief hours.
Not really accurate because she wasn't the first Australian to be confirmed to have had swine flu. The other Australians have also contracted it overseas and survived it outside Australia.
She had recovered to the point where she was no longer infectious before she left to come home. So she didn't bring it with her to Australia, and, therefore, it wasn't Australia's first case.
She is merely the first Australian to return home after surviving the disease.
How desperate the alarmists are to make a big thing of this.