Sunday, June 7, 2009

Climate Change is similar to Thermonuclear War

I can see how they'd be seen as the same kind of threat to mankind.

Thermonuclear war. There's scientific evidence that it would be bad for man. There's empirical evidence that it would be bad for man.

Climate Change. It's happened for millions of years. There's empirical evidence that climate change has been happening since the year dot. There's not a lot of science to prove that AGW is happening.

A gathering of 20 Nobel Prize winners, calling itself the St James's Palace Nobel Laureate Symposium, has released a memorandum stating that 'Global climate change represents a threat of similar proportions' to that of thermonuclear armageddon at the height of the Cold War.
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Egg said...

A problem of those who know much about too little ...

Skeeter said...

Interesting, but not surprising, that the word "warming" does not appear in that memorandum.
However, the Nobel Prize winners' predictions of climate change disaster are supported by Ian Plimer in his History chapter:

...there were famine, war, change of empires and the stressed humans succumbed to the plague.
Around 540 AD, trees almost stopped growing...flooding was common...
Long bitter droughts in Europe between 300 AD and 800 AD led to population tensions and famine.
...weakened populations fell prey to the bubonic plague.

The climate change that caused all the disasters of the Dark Ages was terrible coldening, not warmening, and was not caused by increased CO2.
Humans have always prospered during warmenings.