Sunday, June 7, 2009

Local places I'd like to visit

As I'm ill again... I've assumed the position on my armchair and I have been watching programmes I don't usually watch.

Today I saw the Channel 7 programme The Great South East.

Some of the featured destinations were places or used tours I would be interested in visiting. The Granite Belt is a great tourist destination. You could spend a weekend there, and it's only about three hours from Brisbane, and only two from where I live. One day I would love to spend a weekend there, maybe two, one in summer and one in winter, to enjoy the different fruits of both seasons. Travelling to Sydney I pass through the Granite Belt area, however, I have never had the chance to stop, except the one time that I travelled through there at the right time to buy some cherries from Cherry Park Orchard... yum! I love cherries.

Girraween National Park is in the Granite Belt, so there is no lack of things to see and places to go... and if I recall correctly, there is a little shop which sells ugg boots.

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