Friday, June 12, 2009

Cold thismorning...

My second shot after deciding to take a photo as I flew out of the driveway at five-past-already late.
Yes, it was cold.
Gore effect in minature.

The fire had gone out, too.

More pix coming.

Sunset thisafternoon was gorgeous. By the time I could find a place to stop and take a photo it looked like this... I wanted to get a quick shot off, in "night" mode and through the windscreen...

Bummer. The blasted flash went off and all the muck on the windscreen just glowed. Damn!
By the time the oncoming cars had passed the sunset had fizzled out and looked like this:

Sunset 09/06/12 3

Sunset Friday 29/5/09

Sunset 09/05/29 1
Sunset 09/05/29 2 Those poles are looking a bit ricketty!

Sunset Friday 5/6/09
Sunset 09/06/5 1
Sunset 09/06/5 2
I might see if I can get around and take some pretty pictures of the valley, it's a nice place. And I need the practice!


Skeeter said...

Very pretty, Kae.
This morning's frost pix at our place.
Global warming is a crock. Coldening is the real threat to life as we know it in SEQ.

kc said...

It might not be the glorious extravaganza it was a few minutes earlier, but that is one lovely sunset, all the same, with a few just a bit higher on the WOW! scale.

Love 'em, Kae, thanks!