Saturday, June 13, 2009

Cruising the intarwebs, and International TV Drek

I noticed an interesting looking post at Rachel Lucas, who has recently moved with new spouse to Old Blighty.

She's having a bit of trouble with the drek from the US which is shown on UK TV.

Tell us about it, Rachel! It's the same here in Aus.

Half interesting programmes like The Shield are shown in the middle of the night, crap like the programmes she mentions, is shown in prime time.

Reading the comments I'm pleased that it's not just me who thinks that Not Everybody Loves Raymond.

There's so much good stuff that we could be watching instead of this crap and reruns of mouldy, hairy, balding, paunchy, ancient reruns.


Anonymous said...

All true but it only reflects the class of the majority of the people.

Programme directors are not stupid.

kae said...

Don't tell that they used the ALP voter model to decide what to air.


Anonymous said...

OK I won't! (hands behind back)

kae said...


I suppose your fingers are crossed back there?