Sunday, June 28, 2009

Interested in Pianos? Making Steinways is on ABC

Just happened across this programme about making Steinway Grand Pianos.

Amazing craftsmen and women!

Here's the website,
Note By Note: The Making of Steinway L1037


Anonymous said...

Brilliant! I was wondering what to get my brother for Christmas. This DVD will be perfect. He did his music degree at ANU and completed his Masters in Europe. He is an incredibly talented classical pianist although he will disagree, exclaiming that he has no talent at all, but simply works very hard. Bloody artists!

Anyway, Christmas may seem quite a way off, but he is teaching music overseas at the moment and has just let us know that he will be home for mum's Christmas cooking. YAY!

Boy's J xo

kae said...

Hi J
It was an hour and 20 minutes and followed the making of this particular Steinway from go to whoa! It was fascinating.
It showed the workers, craftsmen and what part they played in the manufacture of the piano. It was amazing.
They also had snippets of famous pianists talking about their Steinways, and some coming in to choose pianos to play in concert venues, like Carnegie Hall! I'm sure if he loves pianos he will love this DVD.
I'm very pleased that I could help you!
I just chanced on it, when I should have been doing something else and I was mesmerised!

kae said...

A truly touching part was when the annual piano clearance sale was on and a young teenager with a musical gift inherited from his grandfather selected a piano and the family was delighted that grandpa could hear his grandson play the Steinway. The mother has no musical gift, but the grandson has got it.

Kev said...

Watched it and was enthralled. Now I've got to talk my wife out of buying one - I'd have to mortgage the house!

kae said...

Yeah, good luck with that, Kev!

I had an old upright when I was 12 and 13. I hated practice and so wasn't very good at it... (both Mum and Aunt play piano reasonably well), I was in preliminary grade for two years, when I finally got into first grade I was over it - it was traumatic going to the conservatorium in Sydney to do the examination, too.

But I love the piano*, and the Steinway is world renowned; just seeing that programme made me wish I'd been a better pupil!

*I also love woodwinds and many other instruments...

splice said...

Sorry to break up the party, but has anyone considered the devastation of oak forests; the tearing down of old growth spruce, cedar and ash that goes into the production of Steinway pianos or Stradivarius violins?

The carbon fuels, fanned by bellows to smelt copper and zinc to make brass instruments such as the trumpet and trombone…

I don’t think so.

Just as we deny pleasure for ourselves, so too the Earth has suffered for our art.

It is time we strip away the historical romanticism associated with the craftsmanship of musical instruments, my friends, and take an honest account of the shocking toll upon the planet.

kae said...