Sunday, June 28, 2009

They're nuts

The federal opposition appears to have had a change of heart on emissions trading, flagging that it will negotiate over a scheme this year.

The opposition and Independent Senator Nick Xenophon are commissioning research from Frontier Economics on the impact of emissions trading and of alternative schemes to cut pollution.
Perhaps they should commission research on the impact of emissions trading on (carbon) pollution. Read the whole article here.

Thanks to Wand


Skeeter said...

Hope someone can cheer me up soon.
I have lost all hope of sanity prevailing among the gullible warmerers in what's left of my lifetime.

Wand said...

Skeeter, actually the whole thing is a fraud. Well we know that but I have been watching recent developments at Watts Up With That into examinations of the temperature record. I've worked with measurements of one sort or another over my professional career and have said for some time now that I could not see how anyone could draw the conclusion that the earth has warmed over the last century because any trend is lost in the noise of the signal, i.e., the normal fluctuations exhibited by temperature records.

Well Watts Up with That have surveyed the temperature stations and found all sorts if problems with the data, but their latest review shows that significant adjustments have been made to the temperature station data over the last 30 - 40 years which accounts for all the “warming” over this period!

It gets even better when you look at the raw temperature data over the same time period (about 100 years). There is no warming trend whatsoever. Conclusion: there is no evidence that supports the theory that the world has warmed let alone any relationship over this time frame between CO2 and temperature. By the way, this agrees with satellite data over the last 30 years.

It gets ‘better’. Also from Watts Up With that, over in the US the EPA has prevented the release of an adverse report (from within the EPA) that dismisses the claim that CO2 is a danger to the atmosphere. Well WUWT has a copy of the report which makes interesting reading. And of course the US Congress has passed the Waxman Markey Bill at a time when everyone (except me) was focussed on Michael Jackson’s last stand. Here’s a comment on that exercise.

So the whole AGW phenomenon is turning out to be imaginary which perhaps is appropriate in a post modern world where everything is relative and people have not been taught how to think critically.

As for Malcolm Turnbull, he is the man who as minister in the previous Liberal government legislated for the demise of the simple electric light bulb. It appears he is someone who wants to turn out the lights to save the world.