Friday, June 5, 2009

Obamamessiah attacked by a Saint

It's good.

And it includes a link to the full-fisking of the speech.


kc said...

I think it's even better than 'good,' Kae. It's PERFECT.

Of course, only those of us on the right side of the aisle will ever KNOW it, but I'm just glad to have it all in print where I can access it now!

RebeccaH said...

I am a lover of history, in all its messy, gory details, and I can tell you, Obama's airy-fairy version of Islamic history is exactly that. Islam, throughout its history, has been a record of brutal conquest, subjugation, and forced conversion. Even in this supposedly enlightened 21st century, they show no signs of stopping, because they believe without question that they are right. After all, their holy book tells them so, and leaves no mechanism for doubt, or even a faithful examination.

Obama is the Ultimate Dhimmi.