Thursday, July 2, 2009

1 July 2009, another year older and deeper in debt

I'm pondering .....

more later.

OK, I've procrast... er, pondered enough.

The Queensland ALP government is another year older and we're all deeper in debt.

With today, the first of July, the first day of the new financial year in Queensland we have:

  • Power price increase of 16 percent, which brings the increases in the price of power to the punters up more than thirty percent from approximately three years ago when the government er, now what was it they did again? Yeah, sold off the retail part of the power supply chain, called it privatising it and opening it up to competition, and guaranteed that prices would not rise. (How is that so when you introduce a whole new level of middle-men to the equation?)
  • News yesterday that the ACCC and the government are working together on a "New way to pay for power". You know, the ACCC, consumer watchdog? Yes. The plan is to increase the price of electricity in the peak times of early morning and late afternoon/evening. Their plan is to cut back on demand. That's really going to work, isn't it. That's when everyone wakes up and is getting ready for their day. That's when everyone is getting home from work/school and preparing the evening meal and so on. People will really find it easy to not use powe at those times. Of course. What a brilliant idea. Some fool representative of the government, didn't hear his name, was guilding it by saying that it would give us choice*, choices. They're thinking of calling it Power Choice. Queenslanders are just fraken stupid enough to swallow this shyte. They swallowed it at the last election when they voted for the first female Premier, idiots.
  • Oh, and the loss today of the rebate for the tax that the federal government collects on petrol. They keep calling it a subsidy. It isn't. It's a NEW TAX. I'm sure the Queensland ALP will piss that up against the wall, too.
  • Motor vehicle registration is rising, too. Several hundred dollars in some cases!

*Have they been using the PR and Marketing fools, er, tools employed by Cadbury who recently decreased the size of their chocolate bars and now justify it to us by telling us it' for our own good. Their marketing surveys said we wanted smaller chocolates to share with everyone.

There's so much more going on.

I have a colourful A3 brochure which appeared in my letter box during the week, telling me what a champion Kevin Rudd is 'cos he's spent all this money. Pissing it up against the wall. I want to scan it, I have a few things I want to scan but I have to fire up the Big PC to do that. It'll have to wait until the weekend.

Can someone please cheer me up? MDFD told me today that people interviewed in Qld and asked about their thoughts on Anna Bligh had nary a kind word to say about her and what's happening with Queensland taxpayer's money.


stackja1945 said...

Sixteen Tons
'"The song's chorus came from a letter Merle received from his brother lamenting the death of World War II journalist Ernie Pyle, killed while covering combat in the Pacific in 1945. John Travis wrote, "It's like working in the coal mines. You load sixteen tons and what do you get? Another day older and deeper in debt." Merle also recalled a remark his father would make to neighbors when asked how he was doing: "I can't afford to die. I owe my soul to the company store. " This referred to coal-company owned stores where miners bought food and supplies with money advanced by the company, called "scrip".'

splice said...

Sixteen Shells,
I plugged 16 shells from a thirty-ought-six
and a Black Crow snuck through
a hole in the sky
so I spent all my buttons on an
old pack mule

* Tom Waits.

Mehaul said...

Was it the new fridge or Bligh? I suspect Bligh.

Anonymous said...

first female Premier, first black president,

This sentimental crap has a lot to answer for