Monday, June 1, 2009

Chocolate II

And another thing....

How can you still have "a glass and a half of fresh, full-cream milk in every 250 gram block", when the 250 gram block has now shrunk to 200 grams.

Julius Sumner-Miller would be asking "Why is it so?"


Twaddle from the manufacturer:

Dear Ms kae

Thank you for taking the time to contact us regarding our products.
Cadbury has been making great brands that people love for more than 200 years. We are committed to listening to consumers and providing products that meet the demands and tastes of each market.

As part of the improvements s to the range, Cadbury confirms the weight of its new look, easy to open moulded block range of chocolate has been reduced.

· The 150g block has been re-sized to 100g to be perfect for ‘on the
go’ consumption.
· The 250g block has been re-sized to 200g to be perfect for family

The 400g block has also been re-sized to 350g to be perfect for social sharing.

At the same time and in line with the weight reduction, packaging improvements (100g and 200g), and new chocolate square sizes, Cadbury has reduced the amount it charges retailers for its moulded block range. It is important to note that as a manufacturer, by law, Cadbury does not set the retail price paid by consumers.

Because our Marketing Department researches products before launching to ensure consumer acceptance, we were disappointed to receive your comments.
We have however, forwarded your comments onto our Marketing Personnel for their consideration.

Once again, thank you for your feedback.

Kind regards
What a load of f***ing bollocks.

And this trite tripe was at the bottom of the email:

Please support our Purple Goes Green commitments and consider the environment before you print this email


Minicapt said...

Modern Technology and Moore's Law.


Anonymous said...

kae, you are joshing, right?
(I can't believe it!)


TW, just like this:munnessw????

Anonymous said...

I mean,
"The 400g block has also been re-sized to 350g to be perfect for social sharing"
How can 350g be better for social sharing than 400g? WTF??


kae said...

Joshing about what?

That's an actual email I got from Cadbury after I complained about their quantity cheating in the new deceptive packaging.

I should go to the shop... but I'm still not 100%.

Anonymous said...

Tell you what kae, it's pure comedy, that email, that what it is.


kae said...

"It's not our fault that the shops charge you too much for the product."

Gee, I'm so glad that they know better than I how much chocolate I want and which size chocolate I find convenient for pigging out on myself and for sharing (maybe).

They've gotta be lefties, don't you think?

The recent news item about Mars confectionary reducing the size of Mars Bars in response to the obesity crisis confirms that the nannies are in charge.

It's unfortunate that we don't all boycot all products like this, we certainly don't need them, until they put things back the way they were and stop pretending to be concerned with our health.

Anonymous said...

How far is the shop?
Are you getting better or worse?

Something wrong with the comment section, when I press Enter it sends the message, without asking for the silly word.

Sorry you can't take sold tablets, I shouldn't either with the sligtly elevated BP, but I still do if I need to. Luckily did not have either flu or cold in the last five years. Taking plenty of multie vitamins and large doses of Vit.C. plus all the other junk like fish oil, etc.
refuse to have the flu needle though, all my mates complained about it.

Rug up and try to keep warm, what's the weather like up there?


kae said...

Big Woolies is about 10k each way.
It's not cold, but the mornings and nights are getting cool - and I can't get the @#$% stinking fire to stay alight. The wood is burnt a bit, and so should light easily, but it's not working.
Just tried to light it again.
All the sticks in the yard are wet and won't burn, we had a bit of rain yesterday. The days are nice and warm, but here it can get frosty in the early morning and the fire takes the chill out of the house. Thank GOD I don't have to get up at 5am any more!
I am getting better, but very tired and still have a foggy head. I have work to do so will have to go to work tomorrow.
Hmm, don't know what's going on with the not having to add the "secret squirrel" word.

kae said...

Oh, wait. It's about 10 ks from town, and I'm about 7 ks from town, so it's about 17 each way.

Anonymous said...

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Egg said...

'our Purple Goes Green commitments and consider ...'

... the extra packaging that Cadbury is now putting into its products at the expense of the amount of actual product, itself?

TimT said...

Dear Cadbury Pty Ltd,

Thank you for your kind letter! I have never received a letter from an abstract corporate entity before, but there's a first time for everything.

I note that you have reduced all your blocks of chocoate - up to a 33 per cent reduction for your 150g block of chocolate.

Have you also reduced your brain size? Are you now only using 50 per cent of your brains whereas before you had been using 100 per cent? After all, no-one of sound mind would think that a smaller block of chocolate is better for sharing than a larger one.

The more there is to share, the better the sharing experience is! Try this simple experiment at home: take two chocolate freckles. Cut one of them up into four bits. Eat one of these four bits. Then eat the other, whole chocolate freckle. You will find that the whole chocolate freckle is far more satisfying to eat. 'More' is 'better'.

A concerned consumer.

PS 'Purple' is not, and never will be, 'green', just as 'black' is not, and never will be, 'white'. 'Purple' and 'green' are both distinct and recognisable colours on the colour spectrum. I advise you to seek help.

RebeccaH said...

WTF? When a chocolate company starts spouting "green" hogwash, they've lost me forever.

Andrea said...

"Social sharing" -- that would be different from all that antisocial sharing people previously did with the bigger block. Also I love their logic: "We've made it smaller, so you'll be compelled to go completely against human nature and share your diminished candy bar!"

Green -- def. as the color a rotting brain turns.

TimT said...

It's the socialist approach to chocolate:

SOCIALISM: Work harder, earn less.*

CADBURY: Pay more, get less.

*"From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs" - Marx.

Anonymous said...

soon people won't be able to afford it anyway, captain Bligh will make it sure!

Dan Lewis said...

It is encouraging that they have reduced their price. I note that Mars was boasting about their waist-friendly reduced sizes, however the price remains the same as for the older bars.

As for the bottom of the Cadbury email, I am not AGW evangelist. However I don't like avoidable waste, which would include some people's habit of printing out emails. I try to be paperless where I can, I recycle and I don't like excessive packaging. It doesn't make me a hippy though.

kae said...

The retailers haven't reduced the price of the shrunken chocolate blocks, the 200g blocks are the same price as the 250g ones.

Purple Goes Green... they've added more packaging, a little cardboard box which gives the illusion that the chocolate is still 250g.

Kaboom said...


Of course manufacturers set the retail price!

What does the "RRP" mean, otherwise?

There is no manufacturer in the world (even in the People's Democratic Republic of North Korea) which would manufacture goods, to be priced at a retailer's whim.

Cadbury sell their obscene, addictive, health-endangering crap to wholesalers for an AGREED PRICE.

Utter bullshit - what planet are they on?

TW: hicinone